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About Us

“Cherubim” Preschool and Daycare is a brand of Lakshya Educations – “ Competence With Character” which was established in 2013. Since then Cherubim is providing a nurturing and creative environment where kids can grow. It is a clean, safe and fun place. Our program is exclusively child-centric, focusing on enhancing child's spatial, linguistic, logical mathematics, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, inter & intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential qualities. Here we help the children build mutually respectful relationships of trust and empathy that exists to promote brotherhood irrespective of socio-economic background which in turn promotes the children’s well-being and sense of belonging.

Cherubim salient features:

  • ❖ Ample time and space for every child’s pace.
  • ❖ Classes that foster creativity, development and learning.
  • ❖ Field trips which will reinforce the lesson learned in the classroom
  • ❖ Qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers and Staff.
  • ❖ The government recognized preschool and daycare.
  • ❖ A unique well structured integrated 6 petal approach to the curriculum to meet every cognitive and creative growth of a child.

Cherubim’s Vision

Our vision is to become a leading role model for teaching and learning.

Cherubim Mission

We nurture our global kids into men and women, who will be leaders of distinction, committed to a spirit of excellence, through high-quality education imparted by experienced and caring teachers building strong virtues and values while focusing on all-round development and creativity.

Curriculum & Assessment

The 6 petal programme at the cherubim blends high-quality in-house teaching techniques with the philosophy of world-renowned educator, Maria Montessori, in order to help young children reach their fullest social, emotional, and intellectual potential. Cherubim recognizes the uniqueness of each child and enables children to reach their fullest potential in an age-appropriate learning environment.


Cherubim meets the development needs of the youngest learners in our 6 petal program through continuous and holistic assessments conducted on a daily basis. Report cards offer a record of academic achievement while parents also receive direct feedback during regularly scheduled parent/teacher meetings.

At Cherubim, assessments are a critical part of helping us fulfil our mission of nurturing today’s little ones into tomorrow’s legends. We achieve this through an ongoing commitment to fostering all-around development, as well as through frequent opportunities for children to be joyfully engaged in their own learning trajectories.

Because of our holistic approach to learning, the evaluation process at the school extends beyond academics to comprise a child’s comprehensive development. Evaluations are continuous with the goal of revealing both strengths and areas for potential improvement.