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The school has set up systematic routine to manage and conduct extracurricular activities as well as has a best in class infrastructure for well being of students which plays an immense role in the safety of children. Here are the few unique features of our school that make us stand out from the crowd.

1. The school has a strict schedule of 10 AM to 07 PM, attention will be given to every individual child for an entire day(From the time child enters to the time child leaves the school)

2. The safety of children has always been our first priority, for which we have installed CCTV at every corner in the school, every child, staff, teachers and visitors are closely monitored all the time.

3. A unique, as well as a special feature of our school, is that all the teachers and staff are Women except security guards.

4. Extracurricular activities like Karate, Dance and Musical instruments playing like Keyboard are regularly conducted in the school, in order to aid in the overall personality development of children.

5. With all the amenities and precautions taken for the safety of children, we also conduct teachers training course like MTTC / NTTC and we have received a license from Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS).